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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I would like to welcome all, to my first blog. I have decided to create a Tupac blog, because, i haven't found one properly built and comprehensive on the internet. My goal is to post, and discuss, any Tupac related material, music, movies, music videos, pictures etc. I hope that you will find some interesting stuff here!

Köszöntök mindenkit, az első blog-omon. Mivel a neten nem találtam jól felépitett és átfogó Tupac blog-ot, úgy döntöttem, hogy készitek egyet. Ezzel a blog-al az a célom lenne, hogy minden Tupac-al kapcsolatos anyagot, legyen az zene, film, videóklipp vagy fénykép, terjesszek. Remélem sok érdekes dolgot kaptok majd ezen az oldalon.

Bun venit pe primul meu blog. Fiindcă pe net n-am găsit nici un blog cu Tupac, care e bine pus la punct, m-am gândit să fac eu unu. Ţelul meu cu acest blog e să public şi să discut cu voi toate materialele legate de Tupac, muzică, filme, videoclipuri sau poze. Sper că acest blog o să vă fie util şi că o să găsiţi multe chestii interesante.


Sorin said...

I like this man it's very intersting material's I'm fun Tupac and I like your blog.

Peace !

Anonymous said...

Interesting site!!! i love it!!! but heres a question i need answered! The Makaveli Cd's you've posted are awesome but they are different from this website
why is that? and can u find any of these anywhere? another thing about that website, notice that when you just type in it takes you to this website
why is that? another question does that site look like it should be trusted because i want to buy those albums, i need your feedback please!! if it turns out to be a legit site and i do buy them then i might as well share them with you!!! peace and much thanks for the hard work you have done to bring people the whole Makaveli set!!

bOgz said...

Regarding The Makaveli collection: Well there are so many versions of the Makaveli 2-17 as many people really don't know which were originally released. And with different names:like Makaveli 2 it is named Redy for War, but also appears as When my enemies fall. You can check these in the cover section.
Regarding the hiphoponlinelink you've mentioned: i don't know whats the problem. if you have further questions please e-mail me at bogz_pocs_1996ATyahooDOTcom

Anonymous said...

Dope site.
Lovin the materials.
Buy the originals!!!

Anonymous said...

amazingly wicked site and big props on the makaveli collection the link for mak 10 is dead any chance of a reup.

bOgz said...

Thanks for the nice words. I've checked the all of the makaveli links and all of them work. please recheck it now.

Anonymous said...

Koszonom, hogy egy erdekes blog