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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2Pac - The Sessions


Disc 1

1. The Bitches Session I
2. The Medicate Freestyle Session
3. N E W Jerz
4. The Brotherz At Armz Session I
5. The Brotherz At Armz Session II
6. The Letz Fight Session
7. The Military Mindz Session I
8. The Coast II Coast Session
9. That's Sick (Interlude)
10. The Bitches Session II
11. Too Much Hennessey (Outro)
Bonus. When Thugz Cry (Alt)

Disc 2

1. The Military Mindz Session II
2. Kadafi & Kastro Freestyle
3. The Lastonesleft Session
4. Back To Thugz Mansion (Interlude)
5. The East Coast War
6. Basket Case (Instrumental)
7. Basket Case (96 sho shot)
8. 2Pacs Studio Philosophy
9. The Troublesome 96 Session
10. Secretz of war shit (outro)
Bonus: MOB (OG)
Bonus: Just Like Daddy (Dramacydal Version)

The Sessions (Megaupload)
The Sessions (Torrent)

Music links: proper upload on Megaupload and Demonoid

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