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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Phonkey Dee Presents - 2pac - Imagine Mixtape - (2009)


1.- Hail Mary
2.- Against All Odds (OGV)
3.- Hold On Be Strong
4.- Watching You (DJ King Assassin Feat.Snoop Dogg) (Street Version)
5.- Good Life (Feat. Chuck Dirty, Imaan Faith)
6.- One Day At The Time (Feat.Assassin)
7.- I Have Seen Your Soul Before (Skit)
8.- Dont You Trust Me (Feat. Keisha Cole)
9.- Prologue (Skit).(Produced By Negro)
10.- Changed Man (Feat.Imaan Faith, D.L.E.MM.A)
11.- Sho Shot (Feat.Big Daddy Kane)
12.- N.I.G.G.A. (Feat. Mouse Man, Imaan Faith).(DJ Thug Life Remix)
13.- Losin Your Mind (Feat.Chuck Dirty, Snoop Dogg & Xzibit)
14.- It Aint Easy
15.- International Thug (Feat.Greg Nice)
16.- Fuck All Yall (Feat. Fatal Mack) (DJ Thug Life Remix)
17.- Resist The Temptation
18.- Secrets Of War (Feat.Outlawz, D.L.E.MM.A)
19.- U Can Be Touched (Feat.Chuck Dirty, Asoka)


coco said...

hey bOgz :), how have you been. I noticed that you finally updated the site lol. man the pac scene has gone downhill since 2007. Are you on any forums?

bOgz said...

hi! yeah, i'm totally bored at work and from time to time i upload something. I'm not registered on any 2pac forums. Thanks for checking the blog out!