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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Above The Rim (DVD Release) (1994)

From Tha Jsta - Thanks!

A young athlete aspireing to become a professional basketball player must make some tough decisions in this sports melodrama. Kyle Watson [Duane Martin] is a talented basketball player who is about to graduate from high school. Whilst he waits to find out if he will receive a scholarship to Georgetown University, he finds himself in a difficult dilemma over a playground basketball tournament. He must decide whether to play for and follow his good-hearted basketball coach or Birdie [Tupac Shakur], a local thug in the neighbourhood. Kyle is also feeling resentment towards a security guard named Shepherd, or Shep, [Leon Robinson] because his mother is falling in love with him. Coincidentally, Kyle's coach also wants Shep to play on his team since Shep was previously a star basketball player himself. It is later revealed to Kyle that Shep is Birdie's older brother. Due to the death of a friend, Nutso, Shep can not bear the thought of playing again.

• Bernie Mac - Flip Johnson
• Duane Martin - Kyle-Lee
• Leon Robinson - Shep
• Tupac Shakur - Birdie
• David Bailey - Rollins
• Tonya Pinkins - Mailika
• Wood Harris - Motaw
• Marlon Wayans - Bugaloo
• Shawn Michael Howard - Bobby
• Henry Simmons - Starnes
• Michael Rispoli - Richie
• Byron Minns - Montrose
• Bill Rafferty - Himself
• James Williams - Speedy
• John Thompson - Himself

I know I had said this about four times already, but I will say it again for whoever may not have seen it yet. This DVD is a 4.08 GB image [.iso file] compressed in five separate parts, also known as a multi-volume archive. The maximum size of the first four parts is 1024 MB, so users without premium accounts with MegaUpload can download [just as those with can obviously download too]. You must download ALL five parts to extract its contents.

Part 01: Click Here To Download (1024 MB)
Part 02: Click Here To Download (1024 MB)
Part 03: Click Here To Download (1024 MB)
Part 04: Click Here To Download (1024 MB)
Part 05: Click Here To Download (338.26 MB)

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