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Friday, February 5, 2010

VA - Gridlock'd OST

1.Wanted Dead or Alive - 2Pac/Snoop Dogg
2.Sho Shot - The Lady of Rage
3.It's Over Now - Danny Boy
4.Don't Try to Play Me Homey - Dat Nigga Daz
5.Never Had a Friend Like Me - 2Pac
6.Why - Nate Dogg
7.Out the Moon (Boom, Boom, Boom) - Snoop Dogg/2Pac/Tray Deee/Priest Brooks
8.I Can't Get Enough - Danny Boy
9.Tonight It's On - Bgoti
10.Off the Hook - Snoop Dogg/Charlie Wilson/Val Young/James E. DeBarge
11.Lady Heroin - J. Flex
12.Will I Rize - The Storm
13.Body and Soul - Oftb (Operation From The Bottom)
14.Life Is a Traffic Jam - Eight Mile Road

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