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Sunday, March 14, 2010

2PAC - Anthology DVDR

Title:2PAC - Anthology
Release: 2007-8
Size: 3.82 GB
Info: PAL, 4:3
Menu: Yes


So many tears (live)
California Love (live)
How do you want it
Hit'em up (music video + live mix)
Made ni**az
2 of Americaz most wanted
The playa's ball L.A. (short backstage video, scenes from Live at House of Blues, How do you want it)
Dear Mama (live)
To live and die in L.A.
Unconditional Love
I get around

This DVD is not on every 2PAC blog on the net, why? Because it doesn't contains nothing new, or rare. But if you're a collector, you got to have it all. Isn't it so? Well if you didn't have this here is a chance do get it. All I know about this DVD, that it was release only in France, and you can grab one copy for about 10Euros. Enjoy.


Download Part1
Download Part2
Download Part3
Download Part4
Download Part5
Download Part6
Download Part7
Download Part8

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

part 1 is down. a reup would be very cool.