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Friday, December 14, 2007

HHIR Exclusive: Tupac Shakur - Young Heart, Old Soul


01. Intro: Hip-Hop & Poetry
02. Juice: Holla If Ya Hear Me (Hurricane Remix)
03. We Can't Stop (Hurricane Remix feat. Young Noble & Napoleon)
04. Let's Get It On (Hurricane Remix feat. The Notorious B.I.G.)
05. Nothing to Lose (Hurricane Remix feat. Natasha Walker)
06. Brenda's Got a Baby (Hurricane Remix)
07. Baby Don't Cry: Keep Ya Head Up, Pt. 2 (Hurricane Remix feat. E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble & H.E.A.T.)
08. Better Dayz (Hurricane Remix feat. Damon Albarn)
09. Thugs Get Lonely Too (Prod. by J Dilla) (Hurricane Remix feat. Outlawz)
10. Fuck All Y'all (Hurricane Remix)
11. Bluez: I Had 2 (Hurricane Remix feat. Marvin Gaye)
12. 16 on Death Row (Hurricane Remix)
13. Interlude: My Mother
14. Dear Mama (Hurricane Remix)
15. Black Cotton (Hurricane Remix)
16. Me Against the World (Hurricane Remix feat. Yaki Kadafi, E.D.I. Mean & Gift of Gab)
17. I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto (Hurricane Remix feat. Maxee)
18. Interlude: Thug'z Mansion
19. Where'd You Go? (Hurricane Remix feat. Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga)
20. 1 Day at a Time (Prod. by J Dilla) (Hurricane Remix)
21. Outro: Soul on Wax


Ivan said...

Good lookin' out man!

Anonymous said...

thank u verry much Youre the men!!!