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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Remembering Makaveli vol.1 DVD

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Presenting “Remembering Makaveli,” a DVD video project constructed to present the many sides of arguably the most prolific and intriguing hip hop artist in history via the most qualified commentator to discuss the man’s life, politics, music, and friends… 2Pac himself.

Contained in this release is over 85 minutes of great quality footage that has come from a variety of places and times, but none will disappoint.

Some highlights include:

* A full and uncut freestyle from the Lie 2 Kick It recording session that features the original beat
* A cypha freestyle session featuring Grand Puba and Treach from Naughty By Nature, in which 2Pac freestyles elements from 5 Deadly Venomz twice
* A performance of Crooked Nigga Too live at a show with Digital Underground and Raw Fusion. While it is only one verse, the original version’s instrumental is heard and it’s very familiar… The performance is followed by an interview
* An interview with 2Pac and Thug Life members who are not the ones we all know… Interesting. Later that day 2Pac performs the I’m Getting’ Money version available on Tha Westside DVD. 2Pac and Thug Life members perform a concert later that evening and violence erupts
* Exclusive crime scene footage gathered shortly after 2Pac was transported via ambulance to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Extensive video footage of the BMW is shown, as well as a press interview with the Las Vegas Police’s Crime Scene Supervisor, who reveals some interesting facts regarding the police’s proximity to the shooting that evening
* Footage of Hammer arriving at the UMC, followed by the hospital spokesman’s press release discussing 2Pac’s condition and visitors
* much, much, more...

BONUS: A bonus song. This is an unleaked song that has not been released in any way. It is pure CD quality, during 2Pac's Death Row Record days.

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