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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Agency Presents: A Tribute To 2Pac - 2 Live and Die FLAC


Daz - Intro Featuring Daz Dillinger (A.K.ADelmar Arnaud)
Murder & Mayhem - Featuring Lucky Lucciano (Leamon Bazil)
Big T - Featuring Bug Blue (Kenneth Blue) Tom McCarthy
Hatin' On Me - Featuring Thump (Devon) Drawz Platino
All I Wanna Do - Featuring Heavy Hittaz (Kenneth Blue, Tyrone Butterfield.Andrew Sanders
Summertime - Featuring Lucky Lucciano (Leamon Bazil)
Get F Ked Up - Featuring Kat
Put In Work - Featuring Thump (Devon) Krazy Khrome (Terrence Jones)
Footprintz - Featuring Krazy Khrome (Terrance Jones)
Gotta Get The Dough - Featuring Drawz Patino (Lance Simmons) Lucky Lucciano
Weed Interlude - Featuring Kat
Bang Forever - Featuring Thump Devon) Bad Azz (Jamar Stamps) Kelly Crowe
Cold & Heartless - Featuring Lucky Lucciano (Leamon Bazil) Drawz Patino (Lance Simmons)
Shady A"Niggas -Feat Kat
Can U Stand The Rain - Featuring Lucky Lucciano (Leamon Bazil) Yoland Harris

1 comment:

spicaveli said...

yo much thanks man!! i been wantin this forever since it 1st came out much props!