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Friday, March 26, 2010

Raw Fusion - Live From The Styleetron (1991)


01 Live from the Styleetron (feat. Margie Marie Rubio)
02 Hip HipStylee Expression
03 Don't Test (feat. Pam Taylor, Daddy Courtney)
04 Do My Thang
05 Ah Nah Go Drip (feat. Mac Mone, Cooley Ranks, Clee)
06 Nappy Headed Ninja
07 Kill Mi Dead (feat. Mac Mone)
08 Rockin' to the P.M. (feat. Roniece Levias, Piano Man)
09 Hang Time
10 Traffic Jam (feat. Roniece Levias, Mac Mone)
11 Funkintoyoear (feat. Shock G, Big Money Odis, Pee Wee, Humpty Hump, Shmoovy Shmoov)
12 Wild Francis (feat. Roniece Levias, Mac Mone)
13 Throw Your Hands in the Air (feat. Mac Mone, Piano Man)
14 #1 With A Bullet (feat. 2Pac)

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